Travelling with Baby to Taiwan

Hi people, here's a throwback post after soooo long. Been really really busy as a full time working mum. My baby was 6.5 months when i brought her on her second overseas trip,  to Taiwan.
Day 1 Feb 2019
We flew with SQ as my baby got a complimentary flight ticket from signing up with POSB. We requested for a bassinet seat  (make good use of this privilege before your child turns 2!)
Hot food for my baby on the flight from Singapore to Taipei.
Arriving at Taipei Taoyuan Airport, there was this priority queue!
I booked a private transfer from the Airport to our Hotel through  Klook [Taoyuan Airport Private Transfers (TPE) for Taipei] at about S$60 We are 3 adults + 1 baby. Instead of choosing "Group of 1-4", we chose "Group of 1-8" instead. Because we have 3 pieces of big luggage and 2 pieces of small luggage, so a bigger transport is recommended.   It's so convenient and fuss-free.
Temperature: 16°C
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